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Our Piece of Paradise
in Lakehurst Ontario
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The Woolley Ones Welcome You!

Karen, Glenn and Fiona are thrilled you've discovered Woolley Wonderland Farm. Click around to learn about our hobby farm, our annual events and meet some of our wooly friends.

We hope to hear from you soon!where the rainbow ends running sheep


WHY Ontario Lamb?
It's lean, tender and mild tasting.
Lamb from Woolley Wonderland are fed only grass & hay, supplimented with salt and minerals, plus the odd treat of grain. They're processed at local butcher, Smokey Joes, with care. Custom Orders available or purchase today - frozen, wrapped and ready to go.

Critter Visits
A highlight for schools, senior's residents, summer camps, and the perfect way to celebrate a birthday as well as community and church events, book your farm animal visit AT YOUR LOCATION! Click on the Critter Visit and Critter COSTS buttons for all the details

Sheep Shearing Fun
Every year we open our farm to friends and Karen's Music For Moppets families to experience one of the annual traditions - SHEEP & LLAMA SHEARING. This is by invitation only.

If you'd like to visit our farm, please email us and we'll get back to you shortly!

We currently have the following Critters and breeds on our farm:
Sheep and lambs: polled dorset, suffolk, tunis, leisester and a commercial mix
Goats: nubian X pygmy, boer X pygmy, nigerian dwarf
Cournix Quail
Chickens and chicks: americauna, silkies, welsummer, wyandotte, bramas, sussex, bantam cochins and various brown egg layers
Ducks: pekins due to arrive early march
Rabbit: Harliquin or Calico rabbit named Halt


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