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Shearing Sheep and Llamas  
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The Shearing 2016
large product photokids watch the shearingbottle feeding lamb   The Spring Tradition
smaller event - saturday in June. watch for details as they become available.

Each Spring, the woolliest at the farm get their annual hair cut.
Bill McMaster, master shearer, has moved to New Zealand! We're not sure of who will be here this year! Every year we learned more about our flock and shepherding from his many years of experience.

The spring of 2009 brought the Grade One's from St. Martin's School in Ennismore to experience the day. Romping around the pond, collecting eggs, bottle feeding a lamb, petting a bunny, and a jolly wagon ride were all bonus events beyond the shearing.

By invitation only our shearing day is going to be on a MAY SATURDAY for 2016.

To learn more about joining this spring's event, email us!

feeding llamas


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